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Handheld Cell Phone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Jammer. Latest design. 3-in-1 jammer can block cell phone, text, wireless internet and Bluetooth signals. With this jammer in your pocket our purse can be silenced with the flip of a switch.
  1. Jams all cell phone networks except 4G LTE.
  2. James wireless cameras and listening devices (bugs) Blocks wireless internet and Bluetooth from cell phone, laptops, computers, wireless cameras, body bugs.
  3. Disables wireless video transmitting, protecting your privacy and ensuring you are not under video surveillance

3-iN-1 Mobile Phone Jammer

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Small enough to fit in your pocket and carry around. The cell phone jammer can be used while charging (our competitor’s models do not have this). Can be used as a lower cost fixed installation jamming solution.

This is a genuine XP6000WB 3-in-1 jammer model. Be aware of the cheap copies of this product,.

2015 SALE – $129 USD – Including FREE CAR CHARGER (US$36 Value), (offer is good while supply lasts) express shipping $30


3G/GSM/CDMA/WIFI/BLUETOOTH 3 -in-1 Portable Cell Phone Jammer

These jammers will block and disable all cell phone networks including 3G (but not including 4G LTE) plus WFI and bluetooth. They are very effective at preventing cell phone calls, wifi data transmissions and Bluetooth signals. They are pocket-sized and can be easily carried in your pocket, bag, purse or jacket. Their effective range is up to 20 metres. This is ideal for restaurants, houses, school rooms, train carriages, cafes and other smaller spaces. They will work with all cell phones in all countries except those using the 4G LTE network.

They come complete with a built in rechargeable battery (Ni MH) and dual voltage 110V / 240V charger. We also sell accessories that can be purchased separately including a spare internal battery and car cigarette lighter charger. Be aware of the cheap copies of this product. The XP6000 range have advanced features and specifications compared with the older units. Examples of the fine manufacturing quality include: rigid aluminium anodized case and gold-plated antenna mounting hardware for improved transmission.

The most advanced 3-in-1 jamming technology – 3G/GSM/CDMA/WIFI/BLUETOOTH


This portable jammer jams all world 3G/GSM/CDMA/WIFI/Bluetooth networks, works in USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Middle East, Asia.(excluding Japan)

Safe to use in school, bank, cinema, gas station, meeting room, warehouse, hospital….create a small silent zone anywhere.

Once this cell phone jammer is switched on, all cell phones within the range of the jammer will be jammed within 2 to 5 seconds. Cell phones can not receive calls or dial out, no SMS, either. Cell Phones show no signal. Cell phones regain full signals within seconds when jammer is switched off or as the cell phone leaving the jamming range of the jammer.

This 3-in-1 model jams WIFI and Bluetooth also, meaning no wireless internet nor Bluetooth for cell phone, laptop, computer, wireless camera, body bug within the range.

Cell phone jammer, great for that annoying person in the office or checkout line that oversteps their social boundries. Churches, libraries, courthouses and business owners that want to boost employee productivity are using cell phone jammers. Teachers are using them in classrooms so students can concentrate better in class.

Odds are most people won’t even notice that their phones are being jammed. They’ll just assume that they’re in a dead spot—and feel annoyed. The phone’s screen will simply indicate that no signal is available.

Safe low output power, does not cause harm human body , does not interfere with medical equipment. Brand-new, Factory Direct Sale, LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED Hand-held design, fits in purse

Operate while charging (not limited to battery operation only).

General specifications

  • Frequency: 845 MHz、925MHz, 1805 MHz、2110 MHz. 2400MHz
  • Cover interface standards: AMPS,N-AMPS, NMT, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, UMTS, WiFi 11b, Bluetooth.
  • External Omni antenna.
  • Indicating of LED display of each band RF output.
  • Can selective of each band ON/OFF by DIP SW.
  • Operate while battery charging.
  • Battery: Ni-MH battery
  • Output power: -31dBm per band
  • Dimension: 110mm(H)×62mm(L)×30mm(D) not include antenna.
  • Weight: 350g
  • Input Voltage: AC100V ~ 250V,50Hz ~ 60Hz
  • One year warranty
Jamming range – Radius up to 20 M or 65 feet, please note the jamming range depends on the cell phone signal stregth from various cell phone base stations at the location and the local environment. If you see the same jammer advertised for longer range, that’s optimal lab result, does not happen in real life.

Standard packing include:

1 x Portable Jammer with battery 1 x Standard Charger – 100-250V world charger with 2 round pin European plug and an US adaptor 1 x FREE CAR CHARGER ( Value at US$36 ) no extra shipping charges when purchased with the jammer.
Please email us to order info@infostream.biz Express Mail Service shipping takes 3 days to most countries. Discreet and no custom tax worldwide shipment. Thank you Please note shipping to Mexico and Latin America countries are slightly higher. Please contact us for details. Thank you.

Cell Phone Jammer Will Vanish Networks :
The world is filled with disturbance and one of the greatest advantages and disturbance both is cell phone. It is a great gadget but one must know its usage and the space it should be used in. Using whatever high, and low, tech solutions came up with the solution called Cell Phone Jammer. This new technology got the most media attention because of its amazing feature where it can disable networks and makes the space much disturbance-free.