Mobile Phone Jammer For Museum

Museum is a place where you visit to explore new invention, culture, history and much more. In such places where you are visiting purely to gain knowledge, scrutinize and observe various aspects of life, mobile sounds and vibrations can easily distract your mind. People these days forget to ignore the fact on where they are and how their bodily conduct should be. In such places, the authority must install mobile jammer to maintain the decorum.

Straight principle and morals always keeps you mature and let’s your body language adapt to the environment. These days though people are ignoring their senses and yet involving themselves too much into mobile phones. They are forgetting to appreciate the moment and living into their digital life which is totally not fair. Therefore, we bring to you Mobile Phone Jammer, it will help you find peace in a great atmosphere.

Students who comes to visit in the museum are in the most critical stages of their lives where they have no clue onto why they are here. Instead of questioning themselves they keep ofn sitracting the question. If they will look around the knowledge and beauty in the museum, they might thoroughly understand the meaning of it all. The humongous history, the beautiful art and the ocean of knowledge can make anybody fall in love.

Putting a filter on the Wi-Fi network and phone networks will let them understand the value of education and worldly knowledge as well. Mobile Phone Jammer are powerful and designed to intentionally block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications like GPS jammers, signal blockers or text stoppers, etc. Blocking mobile signals even have become a task because students these days seem to find solution for everything. So, finally there is a solution which might work and keep the decorum peaceful and happy.

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4G Jammer: Block The Portable Signal For Network Friendly Generation

As we realize that 4G network comes into the market and bring us more accommodation, yet it present to us some burden also. With a specific end goal to help the general population who are being irritated by the cell phone commotions and the cell phone following, the most recent 4G jammer has turned out to be important to remove the signs of the WiFi and Bluetooth when there are different needs to anticipate. 4G flag jammer gadget is the best decision to pick up the opportunity to the genuine item.

The 4G Signal Jammer will give you the high power flexible Wifi 3G and 4G arrange and Bluetooth 4G flag blocker, it is a high power movable all cell phone jammer. This jammer is intended to piece both the ordinary 2G, 3G and 4G cell phone signals and the Bluetooth in the meantime. The auto charger likewise empowers this WiFi 3G 4G all cell phone flag jammer to be utilized as a part of the auto specifically, which is truly helpful for the auto proprietors.

4G Jammer claims the movable outline so that the administrators can choose which recurrence groups to square independent from anyone else. Since owning 15W high yield control the sticking sweep of this high power customizable all cell phone jammer is up to 40 meters contingent upon the flag quality in the given zone. Since it is planned with great cooling framework so you have does not need to stress that the Bluetooth 4G PDA jammer will bring about high temperature while working.

4G mobile phone network blocker is only available to be purchased with less expensive cost than some other site, high caliber and it can simply remain in great working condition. Before you may simply square one of the flag, this is truly an ideal decision for you.

Care Less At Darker Nights With Lawmate Products

As the cold, dark winter nights draw in, people start to get scared of the dark nights. People are scared of the mishaps that can occur in the streets and inside home as well. Therefore, you need to take care of yourselves by using Lawmate Products like home security and CCTV. Adding a CCTV system to bolster home security can be really helpful to your lifestyle.

Whether it be adding a home CCTV system, adding or improving door and window locks, putting up some outdoor lighting, making sure that lock on the back gate is working is very crucial in any season and at any time of the day. Therefore, the security products are becoming very popular these days for ensuring that you are safe.

A great deterent is a home CCTV system covering any vulnerable areas of your home, side alleyway to garden, back door, front door. It is a very important security device to use because security cameras could help bolster your home security but you need to add other deterents such as outside lighting as well. All of the mentioned Lawmate devices and on top of all that, working and fully functional home alarm system is a must.

The home security measures like Lawmate Products helps make up the burglars that tries to rob your assets. Keep yourself in a no disturbance zone such as schools or colleges, though not everyone is aware of the technology. This instrument is an effective medium to keep the business serious and straight. The instrument might sound like a complicated process, but installing Lawmate Products are not really a rocket science.

We have many latest spy camera and CCTV products lined up in our website, you can offer any of the product which suits with your needs and budget.

Mobile Phone Jammer: The Forward Technology

Cell phone jammers are used for no disturbance zones such as schools or colleges, though not everyone is aware of the technology but this instrument is an effective medium to keep the business serious and straight. Except for the excellent jamming ability and multi-functionality, the unit also features selectable jamming setting, users of Mobile Phone Jammer can turn off any single band without influencing the other bands operation.

For a long-long time many people were looking for this amazing technology. This Mobile Jammer uses 800MHz frequency to operate because many cell phones are working on the same frequency. It is really efficient yet may be difficult to use if you are new to the technology without some semi-professional RF-testing tools. To equate the impedance of a clock oscillator with the mixer there is an impedance matching network. It won’t interfere with uplink station signal either.

As a noise source you can use a 45MHz clock oscillator which is driving a Local Oscillator port located on a mini-circuit mixer. The 800MHz antenna from the old cell phone is connected to the RF input (mixer port). Though the instrument might sound like a complicated process, but installing cell phone jammer is not really a rocket science. The RF output then goes to the amplifier located on the mini circuit. This amplifier increases the output power for 15-16dbm and the amplified signal is then sent to the second cell phone antenna.

Mobile Phone Jammer prevents mobiles from receiving signals from the base stations. The compact size of jammer outputs is 4W power and they come with 8 powerful antennas. It will effectively block all specified signals within the range including CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G Wimax, Wifi, Bluetooth. The shielding range reaches up to 20m, depending on the signal strength in the given area.



Where To Find Cell Phone Jammer?

We know cell jammers can work on mobile phones and they can also block the signal in your home for keeping a fine environment. Cell Phone Jammer is a device used to prevent and block cellular signals, primarily in mobile phones. They’re often used to disrupt signals in locations where silence is expected or where using a phone would be impolite or rude.

Cell jammers can disrupt the signals of cellular radios because they use the same frequencies as mobile devices. Sensors will not be affected, as they operate on a separate military-grade frequency, but are limited in range. Most prison administrations have focused on restricting the supply of contraband cell phones through detection, jamming and search.

We understand that our customers are concerned with cell jammers since it is a relatively newer product in the market and there are lots of controversies surrounding the product. We do everything we can to give you with peace of mind, not only by providing the best products for your security by providing you information and knowledge you need.

The wireless connections are cut off with no wifi signal or Bluetooth signal available within its blocking range. We like to keep our clients aware about the products well. There will be no incoming calls, no short message service or multimedia message service and no website accessible to the phone users by using this amazing technology.

The Cell Phone Jammer we offer are of high quality and designed for the aiming to provide more convenience for people who in need of them. All the jammers belongs to different types as mobile, wifi, GPS and more helpful to people. Both the phone jammers and GPS jammers can help to protect the privacy of people. As the cell phone jammers can block the signals of the mobile signal tracking device and the GPS signal jammer can cut off the signals of the GPS tracking device.

4 Amazing Specifications Of 4G Jammer

Everytime there is a new technology in the city, the media pounces over to know everything about the product. So, when the details come out the public reacts and starts exploring the product. So, when the audiences started exploring the product 4G Jammer, they were so thrilled to find the product and finally there will be a solution to their most irritating problem.

Let’s Find Out Some Of The Specifications Of 4G Jammer:

•    Since it is designed with the car adapter so, the 4G WiFi jammer owns the desktop design and designed to be used in the certain place it can also be used in the car directly.

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•    This jammer can not only block cell phone signals but cut off the WiFi signals at the same time. Just as the signal jammer is efficient in blocking the transmission of signals between the cell phone and its nearby base station.

•    With a high power jammer of which the jamming radius is up to 40 meters, the radius of the jammer works depending on the signal strength in the given area. It can even cut off the signals of the CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals at the same time.

•    If you do not want the WiFi signal to be disturbed, you just need to turn the switch of the WiFi band to the minimum position and then the jammer will not block the WiFi signal, it will also do the same when you don’t want to cut off other frequency bands.

Some Of The Precautionary Measures & Notes:

The functional coverage is greatly affected if antennas are not installed
correctly. Do ensure the antennas are properly connected before usage and do not power on if the antennas are not connected. Since the normal operational temperature is about 6 5 ° C, thus, if the temperature is higher than the above, turn off the power of 4G Jammer immediately and contact local agent for help.

Lawmate Products Are Secure Option You Need

Earlier people used to be very focused with the other person but as the technology is developing, people are even forgetting about the general etiquettes. The world is filled with distractions and no one cares about the solution other than those who are suffering. Thus, we bring to you Lawmate products which will help you on keeping the distance with all the distraction and let people focus on the work more than entertainment all the time.

Lawmate’s products are designed to let people communicate with each other and not through their made up social media profiles. Now, we offer you products with variety of applications like hidden cameras which will help you on finding out who is the culprit behind all the mishaps. We also avail you AC adapter, an iPod/iPhone charger, a weather clock, an iPhone case, a coffee thermos, a power outlet and many more in the range.

1One of the most successful lawmate’s products has been Wireless Camera Scanner. This security camera that we offer automatically scans for and locks onto wireless cameras in the 900-3000 Mhz and 5000-6000 Mhz range, displaying received pictures in colour on 2.5 inch high resolution TFT monitor. It receives any sounds broadcast by wireless cameras or radios within range and the scanner can be set to beep, vibrate or stay silent when a wireless camera picture or audio is detected.

We offer you highly functional Lawmate products to again rule in your heart. We believe in keeping our customers satisfied with our service and thus, these products will work as security items that work with diverse frequencies with higher working time. Either CCD camera kit or Wireless Mobile Phone Cam, we have several kinds of Lawmate devices at affordable prices to sell. Use our light in weight devices and provide utmost security to your home, offices or other places.

Mobile Phone Jammer Enforces Concentration

The technology is increasing regularly but people are lacking the basic manners and etiquettes regularly as well. As cellphone use has skyrocketed, people have become so focused on the technology that people who are actually working very hard to deal with the real issues are neglected on a daily basis. In such a situation, a small but growing band of rebels is turning to a blunt countermeasure through Mobile Phone Jammer, a gadget that renders nearby mobile devices impotent.

People owning smartphones are making it hard for people who are having some real talk. It is very irritating for people like teachers and professors, that the students are avoiding or hearing half a conversation in institutions and classes. The technology is not new but the mobiles of modern times have become a rage for especially teenagers who fail to understand the time to use it. The jammers are now in complete demand because of the ignorant behavior of teenagers towards elders and respectful people.

3When a professor is whole heartedly try to teach students about any subject or a topic and look upto see that students are all busy on phone. It is not just hurting the person emotionally but most importantly it is not good for your career as well. We, at Infostream Technologies avail high quality signal blockers that can block the signals of mobile phone and also GPS signals at the same time and the advanced designed handheld jammer can block wifi networks as well.

The Mobile Phone Jammer has been designed with 6 antennas, therefore, it can cut off all the 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phones as designed with high quality cable. One can select the jamming frequency bands of this handheld GPS signal blocker easily. This is a portable jammer which possesses up to 20 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the detailed place.

4 Places To Install Cell Phone Jammer

1. Home: When you have teenage kids at home, you know the power you have to put to manage them. Parents have the right to parental control and monitoring software for their kids to get freedom from the Smartphone zone and let them study a bit. Also, it is quite annoying to see the kids texting on phone while you are trying to have a family time during family dinner. Grabbing phones from hands to put them in airplane mode does not really work but home Cell Phone Jammer is an option which can help you in discretion.

2. Theaters: How cruel are those people who don’t think of others on a public area? Theatres is a place where people go to experience a movie in peace and the surroundings proceeds to have a conversation in between movie at a normal pitch. There are many film buffs who are totally horrified of such situations, therefore, one must utilize jammers. These jammers should be switched on in the second the lights dim.

33. Restaurants: Using phone is a serious offence to disrespect people and everyone needs to understand that. There are customers who are so busy texting on phone that they often forget to place the order and the waiter have to wait all day long for that one person to order. Also, there are the teenagers who lack basic manners and they keep on texting and surfing their Smartphone when they are having an elderlyperson trying to talk to him or her.

4. Workplace: This is definitely not an area to have fun and spend time enjoying yourself. The office pays to get their work done and when you do the opposite and you engage yourself on your entertainment rather than the work you are getting paid for is strictly need to be taken action for, thus, Cell Phone Jammer keeps the smartphones away while at work.

4G Jammer Is A Relief For Professors During Lectures

When a professor is whole heartedly trying to teach students about any subject or a topic and suddenly they look up and see students are not at all listening but they are just texting each other with phone, how heart-breaking is the moment? It is not just hurting the person emotionally but most importantly it is not good for your career as well. 4G Jammer

At the time when you get to learn some of the most basic things in life and at that very precious time, you are constantly living your life on phone that is never going to work on the long run. The least you could do, even when you are getting bored is that give a little respect to people. Now when people fail to do that as well, we offer wifi jammer which will block mobile and wifi networks.


We avail high quality signal blockers that can block the signals of mobile phone and also GPS signals at the same time and the advanced designed handheld jammer can block wifi networks as well. This handheld cell phone GPS jammer has been designed with 6 antennas, therefore, it can cut off all the 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phones as designed with high quality cable. This portable jammer possesses up to 20 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the detailed place.

One can select the jamming frequency bands of this handheld GPS signal blocker easily. You can even block signal in car as well with this 4G Jammer which will help you to achieve the goals easily. There are also a lot of other styles portable multi-functional signal blockers that are offered and these jammers can be obtained with one of the best prices in the market.