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Looking for innovative cell phone jammers to those certain areas where security is always high or more privacy is essential like ministry offices, army headquarters, libraries, churches and aircrafts?

Infostream Technologies offers you the best quality and innovative cell phone jammer devices that are sure to fulfill your requirement of jamming the functions of mobile phones and cell phones within the coverage area. Our devices fit well your requirement and perform better than your expectations.

Come to us and you will get a variety of cell phone jammer devices like MT-4GX, 3-In-1 Cell Phone Jammer and MT90X Military Cell Phone Jammer. Our innovative devices are the best selling portable cell phone jammers fitting well in your pocket. They run at the time of charging as well.

Our MT-4GX is the most demanding one that works on 4G LTE WIMAX smart phone technology – working in a radius of 10 to 15 meters. We also offer you a free car charger beside a standard charger in the package.

Places Where These Devices Are Installed

  • Government/ministry offices
  • Army headquarters
  • Intelligence bureau
  • Schools and colleges during examinations and competitions
  • Churches and other religious places
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Company offices
  • Aircrafts
  • And also on some private properties (only after a nod from concerned authorities)

  • InfoStream Technologies has assembled MT-4GX, an efficient Cell Phone Jammer that affluently works on 4G LTE WIMAX smart phone technology. It works in a radius of 10 to 15 meters, and bars mobile phones, having 700 MHz、850~925 MHz, 1800~1900 MHz、2110 MHz, 2400 MHz, 2600 MHz frequencies. It has a gold-coated omni aerial, which ensures a prosperous, durable performance. It can perform its duties, even when charging is connected. Its weight is just 400 gms, and this tiny, easy to grip and use gadget comes with a one year warranty. InfoStream gives you a free car charger, beside a standard charger in the package. Extra battery can also be purchased, with the jammer, at just US$ 25, at no additional shipping charge.

    With the growing integers of mobile users, it is becoming unattainable to prevent the usage of mobile phone, within a sensitive area. Privacy and security is one of the greatest concerns of today. And mobile phone are a threat to one’s privacy and security. Critical data is not safe, owing to the popularity of cell phones. Even some important government cables and papers are also at risk.

    InfoStream Technologies introduces the most innovative minuscule device, Cell Phone Jammer, which coherently bars the functions of mobile phones, within its coverage area. To understand the functioning these devices, we must learn how mobile phones work. Mobile phones send and receive radio signals on various frequencies. These frequencies are GSM, CDMA, WCDMA (3G), TDMA, UMTS, 4G and 5G, etc. on different bands. Mobile phones broadcast and receive radio signals to and from their nearest mobile tower(s), also known as the BTS. These jammers are actually radio signal jamming devices. The appliance sends radio waves on the same frequency, which a mobile phone uses. These signals interrupt mobile phones’ key functioning, which is to send and receive signals. These devices create a no mobile zone, in which, no cell phone can be used. Apparently, every radio device becomes nonfunctional in the area, covered by a cell phone jammer. Mobile phones, in that signal jammed area, will show message of NO SERVICE. Even Bluetooth sharing and Wi-Fi connectivity will also be out of order, when there is installed a cell phone jammer. As soon as a mobile phone user emerges out from that area, his mobile phone starts receiving signals, once again.

The Best Selling Portable Cell Phone Jammer in the world.
Fits in your pocket, runs while charging
Be ware of the cheap copies.