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GPS Jammer

Now, you can stop someone to know your exact location every minute with GPS Jammer. The jammer is highly functional device that can easily block the GPS signals within 20 meter of operating ranges. If you are a traveling professional and do not want to make your boss able to known your location each time then you can use our GPS jammer that are able to block GPS systems Glonass + Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 5 in an effective manner.

We make you able to block all GPS network at the same time with our advanced jamming device that is hand-help yet provide powerful performance to the user. The use of our jammers is not limited to only with battery operations; you can also use them during their charging time. It is a portable device provided with a car adaptor and a charger to charge them. Why allow someone to track you always. Well, use our jammers to stop someone track your positions.

gps-jammer-pic GPS Jammer -on sale for $199 only in stock now, ready for immediate shipment
GPS Jammer –Jams L1, L2 and L5 GPS, the longest range available on the market, covers even an 18-wheeler.

If you’re the type who just may be the victim of undercover GPS tracking, you should give some serious thought to this one. This GPS jammer knocks out ALL GPS logging or GPS systems Glonass + Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 5 that may be operating in your vehicle, and considering that it sports a 20 meter operating range, just about every automobile, including an 18-wheeler or limousine are covered.

This is the only GPS jammer that jams all GPS networks and has the longest range available on the market now, far superior than other GPS jammers that jam only 1 or 2 networks with 2 to 4 meters range.

Many truck drivers, couriers and other people who make a living on the road are increasingly being tracked by their employers and bosses using GPS. Sometimes, this surveillance is unreasonable when they want to know where we are even on our breaks! Is there no rest to be had? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stop them from knowing exactly where you are every minute? Well now you can.

Brand-new, Factory Direct Sale, wholesale price offer, LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED BUY NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE CAR CHARGER ( Value at US$36 ) Hand-held design, fits in purse, can operate while being charged (not limited to battery operation only). Safe low output power, does not cause harm to human body ,does not interfere with medical equipment.


Frequency 1500-1600MHz, 1200-1300MHz,1100-1200MHz
Working Object civil GPS trackers, GPS loggers and GPS navigators
Signal Source PLL Synthesized
Output Power 960 mW
Typical Coverage 15~35 Meters
Antenna Interface 3 x Strong Omni SMA 3dB antennas
Remote Control N/A
Working Current 1000~1200 mA
Power Source Battery and power adaptors
Battery Lithium-ion battery 8.4V 2600mAh
Battery life 2-2.5 hours
Full recharge 2.5 hours
Power Adaptor AC Adaptor 110-250V 12VDC 2000mA
Car Adaptor 12-24V 12VDC 2000mA
Color Black
Dimensions (LxWxD) 110/189 x 64 x 34.5 mm / 280 gram
Package Neutral blank brown box with polyfoam
Operationg Temp 0-50 degree
Humidity 5% – 80%
Warranty 1 Year

Standard packing include:

1 x Portable GPS Jammer with battery
1 x Standard Charger – 2 flat pins US plug, also comes with a 2 round pin European plug
1 x Car adaptor
Payment can be made in GBP, EURO or US Dollar. Please email us to order US$199+ EMS shipping $30 = Total US$229
BUY NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE CAR CHARGER ( Value at US$36 )- offer is good while supply last.
Extra battery is US$25. no extra shipping charges when purchased with the jammer.
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