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MT90X Military Cell Phone Jammer

The MT90X high power handheld cell phone jammer was designed by our factory especially for the current military actions in the middle east, but can also be used in other military or civilian applications. This new jammer model represents the next generation of jamming technology and is more powerful and reliable than previous models. The jamming range has increased to up to 15 metres. The key features of this high class GSM jammer are the ability to block cell phones from a greater distance and also to be able to jam other widely used frequencies like CDMA, Wifi and Bluetooth, 3G and 4G.

MT90X Military Cell Phone Jammer

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MT90X Specifications

  • Total output power: 2Watt
  • Built-in battery time: 90 min
  • Power supply: AC110-240V 12V
  • Net weight: 0.275g
  • Size: 113x60x31 mm

Jamming frequencies for America:

  • 850-960MHz: GSM850, IDEN, TDMA, AMPS, CDMA800, GSM900, CDMA
  • 1805-1990MHz: GSM, GSM1800, PHS, PCS, NEXTEL, CDMA1900, GSM1900
  • 2110-2170MHz: UMTS, 3G, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000
  • 2400-2500MHz: Wifi/Bluetooth/4G WiMax

Jamming frequencies for Europe:

  • 925-960MHz: GSM(GMS900)
  • 1805-1880MHz: DCS(GSM1800)
  • 2110-2170MHz: UNTS, 3G, WCDMA, T-SCDMA, CDMA2000
  • 2400-2500MHZ: Wifi/Bluetooth/4G WiMax
The MT90X Military Cell Phone Jammer is the ONLY military jamming device on the market available for civilians. Military forces always get only the best and this jammer is not exception! Get the most powerful and reliable portable jammer ever created!

MT90x military jammer is used by the police as well, can be used in meeting room, security service, banks, churches, prisons, classrooms, clinics, residential buildings..etc. Any place that needs peace and quiet.

The MT90X jammer also comes with a free car charger so you will be able to use it constantly in your car without needing to recharge the battery. It has also a special switch on the side panel which allows you to turn frequency bands on and off separately.

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Standard packing include:

1 x Portable Jammer with battery
1 x Standard Charger – 100-250V world charger.

1 x FREE CAR CHARGER ( Value at US$36 )

Extra Battery is $25, no extra shipping charges when purchased with the jammer.

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