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Wireless Camera Hunter

, An Advanced Way for Extra Protection and Security

What can be more important for you than having better platform from where you can provide maximum security to your family, your valuable asset and even to yourself? Especially in the digitally advanced world wherein advanced devices are playing a pivotal role – even dominating every domain. We at Infostream Technology are well aware of the increasing importance of such devices.

Keeping the same concern in mind, we have come up with innovative wireless camera hunter – WCH250. Being an advanced and technically sound device, it helps in hunting down all the hidden and wireless camera within its coverage area. Not forget to mention the specialty of spotting the camera and locating the places where cameras are hidden.

With amazing wireless band frequency between 0.9 GHz to 6GHz, it helps in revealing the performance and working procedure of the hidden cameras. Auto and manual Cam – Cam feature and a better battery support add more points in the demand of this amazing wireless camera hunter from Infostream Technology.

Benefits galore of having this amazing and advanced gadget as it can watch and record picture along with sound from any wireless security camera, tariff camera, hidden camera and similar other device in specific range. DVR is an added feature allowing instantly record picture and sound received by the scanner.

WCH350X is also gaining momentum that is now available at Infostream Technology that brings you numerous added benefits. Automatic scanning, displaying received pictures, recording sound and videos, and saving into the internal SD Card are some technical specifications. Not forget to mention 2.5 inch high quality TFT screen to watch the pictures on an external TV. There is a lot more to lure you towards such advanced wireless camera hunters.

Simply visit our store or give us a call/send a mail for quotation. We offer attractive deals and discounts on such advanced digital security devices.

Infostream has brought in Wireless Camera Hunter, WCH250, one of the must have security devices for the privacy of you and your family. This camera seeker device cogently hunts down all the hidden or wireless cameras, within its coverage area. It not only spots the camera, but also locates, where it is actually installed or hidden. It efficiently fishes for cameras, with wireless band frequencies between 0.9 GHz to 6 GHz. It reveals what that hidden camera is capturing at the moment. The gadget comes with auto and manual cam-scan feature, along with a two and half hour long battery support.


WCH350X RF Signal Scanner & DVR

Wireless Camera Scanner and Digital Video Recorder

Factory Direct SALE, US$499 ONLY, Retail price is US$899


Please note: All WCH units sold by us are genuine Lawmate products with Lawmate serial number and 1 year manufacturing defect warranty.

Product Features

Watch and instantly record pictures and sounds from wireless security cameras, hidden cameras, traffic cameras and any other wireless camera in range!

The WCH350X combines a wireless camera scanner (0.9 to 3.0Ghz and 5.0 to 6.0Ghz range) with a portable digital video recorder. The DVR allows you to instantly record pitcures and sounds received by the scanner, or you can “set and forget” the DVR so that it automatically records any pictures found in automatic scanning mode. You can also plug an external camera (not supplied) into the WCH350X and use it as a portable digital video recorder.

Some examples of what you can use the WCH 350X for:

  • for counter-surveillance, to locate and track hidden wireless cameras
  • to test and position wireless cameras during installation
  • to scan and receive pictures from a wide range of wireless cameras as a fun hobby
  • to receive pictures from wireless cameras attached to model airplanes or other remote controlled devices
  • as a portable DVR to record the input from pin hole or other cameras while on the go

Benefits of the WCH350X

Automatically scans for wireless cameras in range, displaying received pictures on a colour screen and recording them onto an internal SD card (a 4GB SD card is included with the WCH350X but SD cards up to 32GB capactity can also be used). This allows you to record received pictures without an external recording device.

You can also use the scanner as a stand-alone digital video recorder allowing you to record images and sounds from an external camera plugged into the unit, or your own wireless camera.

Fully automatic scanning and recording of received pictures. This means that you can leave the WCH350X unattended with any received pictures automatically being recorded onto the DVR allowing you to watch them when you get back!

The WCH350X has its own 2.5 inch high quality colour TFT monitor. However, it also has an audio and video output so that you can watch the received pictures on an external TV. You can also play back and record the pictures that you stored on the DVR to another device (e.g. DVD player, computer).

Weighs only 184 grams and is easy to carry with one hand. Can be worn under a shirt or on a belt.

Comes with a re-chargeable battery and battery charger (which is compatible with 120 to 240 volt power).

Items Included in Sale

  • 1 x WCH350X wireless camera scanner and DVR
  • 1 x 4GB SD card
  • 1 x USB cable to connect WCH350X to a PC or Mac
  • 1 x 3.7V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x audio and video output cable (3.5mm jack to RCA)
  • 2 x antennas
  • 1 x battery charger (accepts 110 to 240 volts)
  • Lawmate 12 months factory warranty
  • Technical Support

Please note that the battery charger power pin is US style we also ship you an Euro adapter.

Technical Data

DVR Details
The DVR can record files at 640×480 resolution with a maximum frame rate of 25 fps
The DVR records files in MPEG4 (.asf) and JPEG formats.
The DVR can record manually or can be set to automatically record any incoming video
External Video Input 75O / 1.4 Vp-p
External Audio Input 1K Load / 2Vp-p
The DVR comes with a 4GB micro SD card (no extra cost) but can accept micro SD cards up to 32GB
The external camera input is DC 5V Output at 2.5mm AV Input Jack
External Camera Voltage 5 V, current 200mA
Data Interface Mini USB 2.0
A / V Support NTSC and PAL Standard
Max Record File 200 Files
Alert Vibration and Buzzer
Sensitivity Adjustment High / Medium / Low

Power and Battery Details

Battery charger – DC 5V / 2A
Battery 3.7V / 4400 mAH Li-ion battery
Battery Lifetime 2.5 hours (Battery Gauge on Display)
Consumed current: Scanning: 550 mA, Recording: 750 mA, Playback: 650 mA


Alarm Output Voltage 5 V
Alarm Output Current 150 mA
Operating Temperature 60?
Operating Humidity 20 ~ 90%
Storage Temperature -20? ~ 80?
Dimension 122 x 74 x 28 mm
Weight 184 g

Ear Phone $20
Car Charger $25

Express Mail Service is US$35, takes 3 days to USA and UK, less than 5 days to most countries.

WCH 250X– RF Signal Scanner


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This is the authentic product developed and made by Lawmate, this product is used by police, military and security industry, please make sure you do not buy an older version model or the imitation products.